How to learn to code for free

Designed to learn online, the majority of these websites are English speaking and they are among the best equipped and most provided in this segment.You aspire to become a web developer, and be able to design web applications ... Or create paid or free website models that will be made available to other web developers. Maybe web development doesn't make you dream at all, but on the other hand, you can create any type of application for mobile phones. And it itches you like a child (php developers) [...]

Le Pack Office sur mesure pour votre entreprise

On distingue diverses offres de pack office accessible depuis le web de nos jours, et chacune de ces offres est spécifique à un certain mode d’utilisation. Ce qui fait qu’il existe un type de pack office adapté à chaque type d’entreprise. Le tout est de savoir les distinguer correctement.Les types de pack office du momentIl existe actuellement trois types de pack office visibles sur le marché, ce qui n’est pas assez [...]

Outstanding quality applications for smartphones and tablets

Outstanding quality applications for smartphones and tablets
There are most of the mobile applications because every software must have his mobile version, to be easy to use. But there is some application in a bad quality. We show you here about the best mobile application that you have to use on your smartphone or tablets.What means mobile application?It is a software installed on your mobile phone to be easy to use. It may be a game or another software that you use for pictures, for voice and everything that makes your phone and [...]

Are you tempted by developing in php?

Doing your web development yourself or seeing an agency, or even going out to meet freelance programmer are all solutions to the realization of your project in php. There are advantages to using this language because it is one of the most elegant and sustained in the world. There is currently a community dedicated primarily to php. Being a very evolutive language, it is now in its seventh version with php 7.1.PHP? Power in the world of web programmingIt is easy for a php (php programmer) [...]

Have you heard of Ruby coding yet?

Have you heard of Ruby coding yet?
Programming is an increasingly popular activity. We notice this especially with young people. But, if you see, among all those people who do programming, few are the ones who use ruby language. Sometimes we wonder why people are not interested in language. However, it is a language that can do a lot of things. What we also want to say is that if you are also really interested in programming, we invite you to try at least once to program in this language. You will not be disappointed. To be [...]

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