Can wix and php be combined?

As all the geek of the web surely know Wix is ​​a software used for the creation of free website. In the jargon, it is called web editor. While the number of sites created under Wix is ​​increasing dramatically, developers are wondering if there is an easier way to further improve these sites. To answer this question, hypotheses about the possible use of PHP have been put forward.

Using Wix for its website

To begin with, one must first have a clear view of what this web page editor is. The clearest and easiest definition of Wix is ​​that it is a platform on the Net that generates new websites. In its operation, Wix already has a prefabricated interface or Template that the user can select for free. After that, it is enough for the user to press texts or images in blocks for the personalization of the content and thus to add other elements. The most notable quality in this software is the simplicity it offers to people. It is not really necessary to be a computer genius to understand the mechanism, a few hours are enough for a neophyte. The start is very easy, but for a beautiful site it takes time to fine tune the graphics of its Template.

And Wix with PHP?

One of the great assets of Wix is ​​that its manipulation does not require any line of code to the developers, and it does not require the intervention of professional developers. Except that for the functionalities of a site under Wix to be more exploitable, it is important to pass the few lines of codes under PHP. A php programming will thus be used to create additional functionalities for the newly created platform so that the site itself will live up to its design superbly guaranteed by the publisher. The use of PHP is therefore possible for the further customization of the site and for even more applications on the latter. In the latter case, the intervention of a web developer is required insofar as it is the only way to have tools that work.

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