Do you know Laravel in development ? Best tool ever !

We are a php development company using Laravel framework. For those who do not know it yet, a framework is primarily a set of tools used to facilitate the work of developers so they can get productivity gains. It provides a consistent basis while consolidating the foundations of an information software or web application. For php web development, there is a basic set of features that you can find on the majority of applications such as php authentication, rights management, error handling, etc.

Laravel is a documented framework to allow time saving face your competitors. Its large community allows you to quickly find an answer if you are led by doubt. There is also a pledge as it lasts. The more developers use it, the more it will continue to exist. Laravel is fully complete without totally being. By using it, the developer will have a learning contained a particularly long-lasting thanks to its well-stocked documentation. It is very easy to use and is very simple with very readable codes, concise but readable. You can find many programming standards but also the possibilities of adding in the extension.

What we can do with Laravel?

Laravel frameword is inspired by what already exists better while resuming a Symfony routing system and expanding it effectively. For sending email, it uses the SwiftMailer library. Note that it is possible to add the original components to form Laravel. This framework then offers us an e-mail sending system, an efficient routing system, an efficient template engine, a manufacturer of very practical form, an authentication system for connections and SQL query builder with an eloquent ORM. In addition, it includes a migration system for the databases, a session management, a cache system, etc. What a program.

It is then a fully comprehensive and powerful framework that is more permissive and flexible than Symfony. It is very easy to access the complete documentation but his entire community allows it to be always attractive when it comes to make a choice.

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