Php not seeing in website ? You need assistance !

When it is not a pro php and we still want to view the source of any of our web pages, we will have only the HTML page that remains dynamic.

Why did we not access to source php?

As a customer, it is impossible to have access to php sources of our WebSite. Below, some explanation.

First, as a customer, you send an HTTP request to the web server that will listen to the default port or port 80. The latter will receive the request in question and trafficking. It will also enforce sources by the php interpreter and will send forth the sources to the client. The client rendering engine and will repeat this same pattern until it gets all files. Finally, it will transform the sources in visual result. As the second, third and fourth steps are performed directly on the server, it is possible you do not make changes by the HTTP protocol. This is why you can not recover the php source of your site.

Seek professional

As passionate php, our php web development company can provide you with helpful tips, help you in all the steps you want to take to achieve your WebSite. We can also provide all the concepts you need, as a customer, for php. We do not codons php part of the time. With us, the php is our life since the fact all the time. If you want to gain knowledge in this area, the only solution is to have a php development company as an assistant. But still, a company that has many antecedents of success and experiences. We provide you with quality services tailored to your needs but also your budget. Our office in North America can welcome you at any time. If you need specific information, and other immediate response, please either contact us.

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