Differences Between web design and web development ...

The terms "web design and development" are often confused by most people especially if they do not work in the field of computing. The limit to these two activities is quite small. However, they involve different skills and different target audiences as well.

Web design

The web design is done by a web designer. Rather, it concerns the parameters to be taken into account in order to have a better graphic adapted to the purpose of the site. The mission of the webdesigner is therefore more focused on the visual of the website. In other words, it develops the best strategy for presenting an interface that attracts users. He studies the needs of the client and puts in place the appropriate design to facilitate the use of the site. For that, he chooses the colors, the shapes of the buttons, etc. The skills of the latter concern more creative abilities. He uses software like Photoshop, illustrator, etc. Nevertheless, he has knowledge in web development to better understand the aspects to take into account for the look of the site.

Web development

Web development takes into account the codings in the realization of the site. If the webdesigner deals with the external aspect of the site, develop it will be responsible for setting up the interior. The web developer must have knowledge of frameworks, programming languages, etc. His job will be to create scripts to make the site work properly. You can distinguish back end developers and front end developers. Front end developers are those with basic programming knowledge. They are more skills focused on building the code associated with the visual design of the site with CSS, HTLM, etc. Hence the name of their front end function. Back end developers have more advanced coding skills. They design the codes either on the functionality of the site or on the management of the database. Instead, they use languages ​​like PHP, and other more complex tools in their creation. You can contact companies like laravel development company as part of web development. However, an individual can be both a webdesigner and a web developer.

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