How to do SEO with php ?

When one has a website, the main purpose is to make as many customers as possible and have as many users as possible. But this can not be achieved if the site remains in the abyss of the unknown. SEO guarantees the visibility of a platform on the web. This is the technique used by developers to position the site to the highest rank.

The advantages of the PHP language for referencing

For a site that already exists, it is possible to reconfigure URLs with PHP. A good php development company can easily create optimized URLs. There are custom rules for writing that is easier and more flexible in order to make website URLs more understandable to users and much more improve it compared to SEO. But for a natural SEO that works, it initially requires an excellent development with php based php. It is possible to add a directive in a file that indicates a redirection on index.php file to retrieve the URL. PHP offers more possibilities for developers to process scripts and URLs. The use of php and CMS proves to be more complicated but the result is still appreciable.

The best PHP solution for SEO

The basis of SEO is found first in web content. These are texts and images and the formatting of this content by browsers. Web sites are generally not recognized as tags. It is these tags that will give the title, the keywords and its description on the page and it is through these last elements that the search engines will be able to analyze and then identify the site. The most suitable solution is the rewriting of URLs that are, by the way, lines corresponding to the address bar to access a page. The URL optimization contains several parameters but it is the keywords and the slash that will make the difference. In the end, the words in bold are more easily valued by the engines and are therefore considered sum being more important.

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