What is ruby on rails?

Ruby enthuses you and you want to realize web applications with? So get started in Ruby on Rails. Whether you are a young developer who wants to discover this framework, seasoned developer wishing to add a string to your bow, or even an IT student !

What is ruby ​​on rails?

RoR is a set of tools that allows to produce websites. Rails is Ruby code already written by others, on which you add your code, one that makes your site unique. Rails pre-mash your job, a lot. You will be happy that others have written this code for you! However, it is necessary to tame it: at your beginnings, you will go there to take several times. It must be said that Rails is vast, we do not always know how to approach it.

Simplified learning and collaboration

Rails is based on the Convention over Configuration principle. The architecture of your code files is standardized, and made mandatory by the framework. There is therefore the rails way. The latter allows a Rails developer to take over any Rails application in just a few hours, even if he has not coded a row, thus facilitating collaboration and learning. This aspect can disconcert developers coming from a more verbose language, who will often wonder where the code is. This abstraction must be done. Once the conventions are understood and assimilated, the speed of development of a new functionality is then extraordinary

The Rails community is here to help

Rails enjoys an exceptionally enthusiastic and diverse community. The results are hundreds of open-source contributors, widely followed conferences, a huge number of plugins and gems, a rich variety of information blogs, and a drop-out horn overflowing with discussion boards and channels. IRC discussion. The large number of Rails developers also makes it easier to solve inevitable errors of any application.

If you are a company, you can also hire ruby on rails developers !

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