Why php is popular for web development...

As soon as one speaks of tools for the development of web applications, one will think directly of PHP. This tool is one of the most recurrent currently and it is used by lots of advanced php application development companies. This effervescence is explained very easily by the many advantages that this tool offers after all. However, in order to fully understand its use, it will be necessary to understand its basis.

What is PHP?

For those who do not know it yet, php is a scripting language. It is both generalist and open source which makes it accessible for every php developer. Moreover, this tool has been used exclusively to develop web applications. Its use is explained very easily by the fact that it integrates very simply HTML. Also, php is a server-side scripting language unlike JS, which is client-side. Clearly, the php code will run exclusively on a server in order to produce HTML. In this context, the product result is sent directly to the customers without having any means of accessing the source code that produced the result in question. Php is also a practical tool since, by configuring the server, it will be possible to perfectly confuse the static pages and the dynamic pages.

Its advantages

There are several advantages to what is php. This is what makes it its true rating at the level of all users. Its first attraction is on the fiat that it is quoted server. Indeed, php is available on the vast majority of public accommodation. In addition to the fact that it is open source, everyone can use it easily and perfectly and that by simply knowing the basics of the tool. Practicality is also part of the advantages of the tool. All handymen will be able to use it easily to add a few tinkers quickly. Of course, these bricoles in question can be done as much on the dynamic sites as on the static sites. It must also be said that this tool is constantly evolving. Each error of the previous versions is then irrevocably processed so that the tool can be really called perfect.

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