How to choose the best dev technique for your needs


It is not always easy to choose the right web development technique. The best development technique is the one that best meets your needs. It is also necessary that you identify your needs well.

What is web development?

Web programming is the development of a simple static page or a dynamic page with connection to a database.
The use of different programming languages ​​(PHP, SQL, JavaScript, XHTML / HTML, XML, AJAX ...) as well as the mastery of CMS (Open Source Data Management System) is unavoidable in programming and multimedia development. The diversity of the missions related to these activities ranges from the realization and validation of the technological functionality of the project, animation and content management, mastery of SEO, W3C recommendations as well as computer graphics (flash) .
Web programming and development techniques make it possible to create static or dynamic websites. As part of the design of a website, a project team works closely, whether it is a web developer, webmaster, referrer or web designer.

What language to use, according to your needs?

There are many languages, and the beginner can often hesitate as to his choice. What programming language should I use, and why?
The easiest programming languages ​​are Python, followed by PHP and SQL, which are also heavily used. However, the most powerful language is C ++. But in terms of prospective, Java is the one that will be the most used in the next 10 years.
To create and edit Web pages, HTML and CSS are the languages ​​that are necessary. To bring a touch of dynamism, JavaScript is essential. Then, the exchange of data between the user and the Web servers is carried out most often with the languages ​​PHP, Python and Ruby. As for mobile applications, focus on Objective-C for the iOS and Java platform and C ++ for Android. Some of these languages, like Ruby, have frameworks. They bring techniques to develop faster, more efficiently and more reliably. For example, ruby ​​on rails is one of the best development frameworks.

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