Understand what php is all about

The acronym PHP is often present every time we talk about the craft of the web. Most profane people, however, fail to understand what the language really is, what it serves, and what the worthy means. To begin with, PHP literally means, Preprocessor Hypertext.

All from PHP

To be able to enter the world of the web one must understand the function of certain elements like the programming languages. Roughly speaking, these languages ​​are parts that serve mainly to design the bases of the sites as well as the general architecture of a platform with the contents and all the pages that it contains. There are a hundred languages ​​and PHP is part of it if not the most famous of all. It is a generalist script that is often integrated with HTML. To display HTML, it takes several commands and to avoid using them, developers can use the PHP language with start and end tags that will make it easier to read the codes by the server used. Once read by the server, the information will be directly served to the user without the code, just pure and clear information.

The advantages of this language

The first asset of PHP is that it is very easy to implement compared to other languages. A php programming has become a highly productive business for a developer because it offers him a lot of room for maneuver thanks to the different features offered by this language. Indeed, PHP was primarily used primarily for website programming but later, professionals noticed that it was possible to make powerful applications for customers who request it. Generally speaking, PHP can do the collection of data, generate a dynamic site and finally it can also manage cookies. The use of such a language offers a free choice of the operating system and the server used as well as the choice of the programming procedure that the web programmers will follow to create or manage a website.

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